Thursday, August 30, 2012

As Goes Maine, So Goes the Country

Well, this is more like it.  After Ron Paul supporters won the Maine State Republican convention by thoroughly planning and preparing and following Roberts Rules of order strictly, we walked away with some well earned confidence and a major win for the Ron Paul campaign.  We had never won anything, or been allowed to win anything.

The national Republican Party however, would have none of it.  At their expensive little party down in Tampa the Maine delegation was not allowed to take their rightfully won seats.  This group that we sent is made up of poor fisherman, farmers, single mothers, etc. who paid a lot of money to travel to FL and participate in the convention.   The classic example of the rich, connected bully changing the rules at the last second to exclude an opinion they don't like.  The Republican party is that rich bully.  In the following clip, there are many examples of the microphone being cute just before Ron Pauls name is mentioned.   Its cartoonish really.  They were willing to lie and cheat to prevent him from having his rightfully won 15 minute speaking slot.

I wonder had RP run as a democrat, would he have been treated the same way at their convention? (barring of course the fact that theirs is an incumbent.)

Reader Tim writes   "You must be very pleased with how everything unfolded down there. I can't say that I'm surprised that the rules were changed at the last minute--the interesting thing for me is to see what happens next. Where do you see Paul supporters going at this point? I don't see anything on the Republican ticket that would appeal to them. This Ryan guy is a complete fraud--he's no fiscal conservative, though he and others try to make him out to be one. And, he's certainly no libertarian, though he and others try to pain him that way. That's at least how I see it."

I suppose some will begrudgingly fall in behind Gary Johnson (who's not that bad), while others will write in Ron Paul if he doesn't go third party.  Hopefully they just don't vote.  Or write in Frank Zappa.  

You are spot on about this
worthless hack

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ron Paul wins Maine Republican Convention

5/5/12 - 5/6/12

Saturday morning at the Maine State Republican Convention the ordinarily simple procedure of voting in a Convention Secretary and Convention Chair took over four heated hours, pushing back the schedule and setting the tone for the remainder of the event with both slots being filled by pro Ron Paul candidates.  
The vote for the chair ended with a very slim margin of victory for the Paul backed Brent Tweed with 1,118 to the Romney supporter, Charles Cragin's 1,114.  The tabulation of these two votes took hours, with each of the 16 counties in the state counting the raised hands of their delegates and reporting the numbers to Maine GOP chair Charlie Webster.  A move was put forth by a Romney supporter to suspend the rules and do a written vote just prior to the lunch recess, and was addressed by Webster upon return.  For this to pass, a two thirds majority was needed, and the motion failed overwhelmingly.   
The Ron Paul campaign came into this event highly organized and with months of statewide preparation under their belt.  Pro Paul delegates were directed to the Paul booth to pick up a folder which contained a welcome letter, and lists of Paul backed candidates running for various positions.  Stapled to the inside of the folder was a sticker with the 15 names of the candidates that Paul supporters wanted to send as delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa on August 27.
When it came time to cast votes for delegates, Oxford county was able to complete the voting process and get the ballots sealed and handed in to the county chairman, at which point a number of delegates left for the day.  Unfortunately, individuals from the Romney camp were seen and caught on camera handing out fake slates of names to Ron Paul supporters that looked exactly like the stickers from the Paul campaign, but with pro-Romney names.  A list of pro-Paul delegates that supporters would recognize, but differed from the campaign sanctioned list was also handed to Paul supporters with the clear intention of diluting the vote.  It is my understanding, that as a result of this, that convention chair Tweed deemed the ballots corrupt, and called for a retaking of the vote.  
The counties were instructed to break up into county caucuses and ballots would be distributed for a revote.  Oxford county delegates, who were two thirds in favor of Romney, were frustrated with the process and after discussion among the county, as well as discussions with other counties, decided to ignore the chairs request to retake the vote and hand in the previously completed ballots, attached with the note, as read by caucus secretary Glen Holmes, "Take it or leave it."  It turned out that the chair decided to leave it as Oxford was the only county that did not fill out the new ballots and thusly no votes were counted from that county.  
Early on Sunday morning, the unofficial list of delegates elected to the national convention was posted on the large monitor, announcing that all 15 of the Ron Paul delegates were elected.  Rumors began circulating of a team of Romney lawyers being present as a result of the previous days proceedings and that the votes would be overturned by the end of the day.  However, as the day progressed, all the attempts to challenge the delegate list were shut down by chairman Tweed.  On more than one occasion, he had to tell speakers that they were out of order and if they did not stop speaking, they would be escorted from the building.  In response to calls of out of order from Tweed, vociferous and misled Romney supporters shouted down to him, "Your out of order!"  
Late in the day on Sunday, an attempt was made to oust Tweed with a vote of no-confidence, but was overwhelmingly voted down.  This resulted in an escalation of contentious remarks from the balcony area and ultimately caused a number of Romney supporters to leave, disgruntled and angry.  
After the First and Second District caucuses adjourned, the six remaining committed delegate slots were awarded to the Paul campaign, making for a highly successful weekend for Ron Paul in Maine, taking 20 of the 24 available delegate slots to the National Convention.  The passion and organization of the Paul supporters was evident as soon as we arrived two hours early to the convention on saturday morning, to see a line filled with hundreds of Ron Paul fans waiting to get into the convention.  The line would eventually stretch to the end of the parking lot and contain over a thousand people.  There was a strikingly similar outcome at the Nevada state convention this weekend with 22 of 25 delegates being pro-Ron Paul.  As he continues to rack up these overwhelming victories in caucus states throughout may, it seems more and more likely that he will be allowed a speaking slot at the National convention as well as the possibility of effecting the party platform as a whole.  Ron Paul supporter Ashly Ryan was elected Republican National Commiteewoman as a 21 year old.  With more and more individuals like this being elected to state and national positions, it seems that Ron Paul is starting to legitimately effect the national dialogue.  


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Define Terror Please

Looking at some articles today regarding the horrific terrorist attack in the Belgian city of Leige, I am wondering if only people that have dark colored skin can perform terror.  For example;

"Interior Ministry official Peter Mertens said the attack did not involve terrorism..."

And then a couple of paragraphs later, the psychotic individuals wretched actions are played out;

"Officials said Amrani left his home in Liege with a backpack, armed with hand grenades, a revolve and an FAL assault rifle. He walked alone to the central square, then got onto a platform that gave him an ideal view of the square below, which was bedecked with a huge Christmas tree and crowded with shoppers.

From there, Amrani lobbed three hand grenades toward a nearby bus shelter, which serves 1,800 buses a day, then opened fire upon the crowd. The explosions sent shards of glass from the bus shelter across a wide area."

 From wikipedia, part of the definition of terrorism is, "and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilian)"  

Wether to be randomly motivated, or politicly, or somehow convinced by some magical boogyman in the sky (Jesus, Alla, Budda, Mohommad, so on and so forth) to commit devastating acts like this, you are a terrorist.  As far as I can tell, the bulk of humanity seems to believe that only islamists can commit terror.  At least in the media.  What do you think?  Have you seen anything that would make you think I'm way off base here?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tax Money at Work in Iran

getty images
Iran's revolutionary guard has posted video of two of their officials inspecting a U.S. Sentinel drone which was captured after being taken from the sky by the Iranian military.  Of course, the U.S. government claims that it is a result of a mechanical or satellite failure, and not Iran's government.  The drone was on a mission to gather data regarding Irans growing nuclear program and to drum up some evidence for the justification of the seemingly imminent war with the poverty stricken third world nation.  The cost of this particular unmanned aircraft is unknown, but I can promise that it wasn't cheap.  State of the art spy technology is now in the hands of an "enemy" who is allies with both Russia and China.  Both of these governments have deep pockets and certainly wouldn't mind possessing some of this technology.  It wouldn't surprise me to see a Russian drone cruising around over the States before to long.

This infuriating waste of cash-strapped American tax-payer dollars is a perfect example of why a Ron Paul presidency is crucial at this point.  Obama's foreign policy is proving more insidiously hawkish than even the Cheny/Bush/Vader administration, with some new attack on a sovereign nation happening daily.  Like how we just paid to kill 24 Pakistani troops.  This simply is not good for business.

Keep it up Mr. President.  We have loads of money to spend on these military expenditures, and we don't mind at all making more and more enemies around the world with each passing hour.  Just go ahead and use the impending terror threats as excuses to take away even more of our dwindling freedoms as Americans.  Perfect.

RON PAUL 2012!!!  Leave Iran alone!  

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Iran Storms British Embassy

Iranian student protesters have stormed the British embassy in Tehran in response to sanctions placed on their country by the British and American governments.  The purpose of the sanctions is allegadly to dissuade the Iranian government from pursuing the creation of a nuclear weapons program.  The sanctions are the first step in the seemingly unavoidable new war with Iran that President Obama is determined to start with the weak, impoverished Middle East nation.

President Obama scolded the Iranian government in response, saying that "they have a responsibility to protect diplomatic outposts," and "we expect to seem some sort of definitive action quickly, on the Iranian governments part."

What a joke!  Protesters are reacting to sanctions that will specifically affect them negatively against a foreign governments unwanted occupation of their sovereign nation.  This is a text book step by step process of war drumming by Britian and America and is unbelievably transparent as such.

It is so very hypocritical for two nations who have a combined stockpile of doomsday weapons large enough to kill all humans on earth three times, to scold and condemn another sovereign nations attempts at defending themselves.  I don't believe that Iran has benevolent intentions in their nuclear program, but in comparison to Americas checkered history of foreign invasions and occupations, it is laughable.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Then the FED!

I like what has been happening with the Occupy Wall Street protests that started in New York and has spread around the country/world.  I also think that most of the folks camping out and holding signs are a little misguided in directing their anger towards the vague evils of Wall St. and faceless corporations.  These entities have the economy crippling power they do because of the dubious relationship between giant corporations and the federal government through corrupt lobbyists and even more corrupt legislators.  The secret leviathan that is the Federal Reserve should be receiving the brunt of peoples fury for creating out of control inflation and allowing the federal government to grow beyond anyone could have imagined.  I hope these people start picking up what Ron Paul putting down about this out of control corporate socialist system before more heads get cracked.

I don't have much hope for this though, as every single major media outlet, be it red/blue, is cartoonishly ignoring Ron Paul's campaign and its victories and poll standings.  I've just watched the newest sham debate on CNN and it is literally laughable how they ignore the intellectual giant on stage, not even mentioning his name or showing his face after the debate.  Help draw attention to this phenomenon by donating to the black this out moneybomb on the 19th of October.  Lets show those fools!